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How to make your music louder?

You can make your music louder at home by using a computer and smartphone. There are a few ways of doing this, but the easiest is to increase the volume of your soundcard through software. Let’s see How to improve your sound loudly. It is very easy.

How to make your music louder?

1) Click on the speaker icon in your taskbar and right-click on it. Select playback devices from the list that pops up.

2) Double click on your speakers, then go to the ‘enhancements’ tab. Check the box for loudness equalization. This will make all of your music louder without changing its pitch or tone, so you won’t have to turn it up as high.

3) If this does not work, you may need to find your soundcard’s drivers online and update them.

4) If this doesn’t work either, you may need to consider upgrading your speakers or getting new ones. This is especially true if any of the settings that you change make the music sound worse instead of better.

5) You can also use an equalizer to make your music sound better, but this might distort it.

6) If all else fails, you may be suffering from a damaged or blown speaker. You will have to replace them in this case.


How to make a loud sound on your iPhone?

make your music loudersteps

1) Go to settings and click general

2) Scroll down until you see music, then click on that. You should now be able to turn the volume up or down. If this does not work try the next step.

3) If you cannot adjust your music’s volume through these steps, open a song in iTunes and go to the top left of your screen and click on the button with a square and triangle. Click on adjustment tools. On this page, there should be a slider to adjust the volume of your song. If this does not work you may need to reset your phone or replace its speakers as they may be damaged or blown.


How to make your music louder on Android?

1) Open your phone’s settings and click on sound. If you see a checkbox next to loudness equalization, it means that you have already done the equivalent of what the computer was able to do with a single button press. You can also try turning up your volume through this menu, but if this doesn’t work try the next step.

2) If this does not work, return to your music app and go to the preferences menu. For some apps, you will need to open the song that you would like to adjust before you can do this, but it may be at the top of the screen or in a drop-down menu depending on what music app you are using. Once here, find the option to adjust volume and turn it up.

3) If this does not work, open your phone’s settings again and go to apps. Select the music app that you use most often (it should be listed in bold), then go into its permissions and allow it to draw over other apps. This should make the volume go up. If this does not work either, try restarting your phone.

You can download various apps to improve the sound of your music. I recommend you use MaxxAudio, Equalizer +, or Volume Booster.

Other things that will help

1) Earplugs. If it is late and other people are sleeping, you may not want to listen to your music as loudly, so earplugs can help to muffle it.

2) Headphones. If you do not want to bother the people around you as much, headphones are a great way to make your music louder? without worrying about bothering those around you.


Why are youtube videos loading but not playing? Fix it right now

YouTube videos are not playing on chrome or Firefox for some users. This is not a youtube bug, but a problem with the way browsers handle these videos. The problems are reported to occur because of the “Origin Policy” implemented by Youtube and browser “Same origin policy.”

Why are youtube videos loading but not playing

Youtube videos are not playing because youtube has implemented the “Origin Policy,” which prevents a website from reading cookies or accessing resources (such as scripts, images, and video files) on other domains. This is to prevent access to unauthorized content. For example, this policy stops an ad network from accessing your youtube channel’s data to serve you ads.

Origin policy prevents the browser from loading Javascript, images, or other resources on a different domain than the one that hosts the main HTML page of your website. This is to prevent malicious websites from accessing your cookies etc. For example, if a website X accesses any resource (like a video or an image) from, it will not work for you. Likewise, if a website X loads any javascript from site Y, the scripts cannot access cookies on site X because they are not supposed to do that, which also fails.

The Origin Policy

When you play any video from youtube via, it is played using a special html5 protocol. Youtube can control the video playback on this protocol and communication between your browser and youtube servers.  On the other hand, if you use an external link to play any video from youtube (for example, sharing the link in emails or websites), your browser uses a different protocol. On this protocol, youtube has no control over the video playback and communication between your browser and youtube servers. The problem arises because of the “origin policy” implemented by Firefox (and chrome?) to prevent malicious websites from accessing content from other domains without permission.

The Origin Policy Explained

When you visit a website via any link or bookmark, your browser does three things before serving you with web content. Firstly it checks if the site is currently in its cache. Secondly, it will ask the DNS server for domain name resolution and thirdly, it will also check if there are cookies saved for that site in its cache. In short – First, your browser checks if requested content already exists somewhere on its local hard drive or memory cache.

If videos are not playing, first check if your cache is empty by clearing the cache. Some other reasons could be that you have some cookies blocked or DNS has issues with this site.

How to fix youtube videos loading but not playing using a proxy?

In some cases, you may need to use a proxy server to play videos on properly via its proxy. To do so, you will first need to create an external link for the video and then use it as your video source while watching youtube videos offline or using any other browser than Firefox (which is currently suffering from this bug).

How do you create an external link for a youtube video to use it as your video source when watching videos offline or using any other browser than Firefox?

If you already have the video URL, simply replace “HTTP://” at the beginning of the video URL with “HTTPS://.” If you don’t have the URL but have the video title, then follow these steps:

Search for your desired video on youtube via this link. The results page will have few links to play that video. A small thumbnail image will be displayed beside each of them. Right-click on any one of those images and select the “copy image URL” option from the context menu. Paste the image URL in your address bar and press enter.

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How to recover deleted photos from the gallery?

On my Samsung Galaxy S20, my gallery photos disappeared. I am running the latest operating system update and have cleared all cache. How can I restore permanently deleted images from my Android device? Is there any way to restore lost photos from my gallery? Yes, let’s see how to recover deleted photos from the gallery.

One of the most precious memories of your life is a photo that you saved on your Android device. However, like the previous consumer, photos can sometimes disappear from your gallery for no apparent reason.

How to recover deleted photos from the gallery?

When images are deleted from the Android gallery, they are stored in the device’s internal memory before being overwritten by new data. To recover these secret deleted pictures from phone memory, all you need is a powerful photo recovery tool. PhoneRescue for Android, as the best Android photo recovery app, is here to support, and its Android gallery photo recovery features are listed below.

Different mobile phone providers provide different cloud storage services as a result of the invention of cloud drives. They all provide backup services, including Samsung, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, and LG. With your permission, the phone will have automatically synced your data with its cloud. If you have not recovered your deleted images with the above methods, you can try searching this backup.

Recover mobile phone gallery from lost android phone

While there is no built-in method to recover a deleted image, there are phone apps and PC software programs that can help you do so. Keep in mind that you must act quickly.

The method to recover deleted images from an Android tablet is almost similar to that from an Android phone. Just be sure to read through all of the DiskDigger instruction screens to catch any slight variations.

There are also software programs that can help you recover deleted photos, such as Recuva, which has not been reviewed for this article but is highly recommended. Download the software and follow the instructions, which consist of connecting the phone to the device and searching for the deleted photos using the computer interface. You can search for other programs similar to this one on the Internet.

Examine the characteristics of the device and see if it can be identified. Use accurate geolocation information. On a tablet, you can store and/or access information. Personalize your material. Make a content profile that is unique to you. Analyze the success of your ads. Select easy advertising. Make a personalized advertising profile. Choose from a variety of personalized ads. Use market research to get to know your target audience better. Analyze the effectiveness of your material. Improve and create products.

Recover deleted videos and photos on android

Devices have been added. Compare How to recover deleted photos from my Android phone? Spread the word: If you’ve inadvertently deleted your pictures and videos from your Android smartphone, don’t panic. There is always the possibility of restoring data from a backup. Here are some ways, each with a step-by-step guide that will help you get out of the situation and recover all the deleted images from your Android smartphone.

There is nothing more frustrating than unintentionally deleting all the photos from your Android phone. Unless you have a data backup before doing a reset, all your images will be lost. Even if you forget to back up your photos, you can restore them to your Android devices using some basic techniques.

Cloud providers keep a backup on their server if you add something new to your smartphone gallery. These cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, allowing you to restore the images you want at any time. To recover deleted images on your computer, follow the steps below.

Recover deleted photos from android phones

The Gallery application on android is where photos were taken with the camera, WhatsApp photos and downloaded files. It is from the gallery that files are most frequently deleted. I will answer the most popular questions, such as why photos do not appear in the gallery, how to restore lost photos from the gallery on android, and why images appear blurry and there are only black frames. Let us begin!

We recommend running a deep scan on these three applications. They are on the machine, and we suggest saving Gallery images to the hard drive instead of an SD card. Deleted files on an SD card would be overwritten, greatly reducing the chances of recovery.

Suppose the new images are saved in the phone’s internal memory despite having selected the SD card in the settings. It is possible that the SD card is full and that android is using internal memory to store the photos.

Another common problem is when photos on an SD card don’t appear in the gallery. Images sometimes display poorly or disappear from the gallery. This happens if there are read errors on your SD card.

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Twitter tests “Professional Profiles” for businesses

Do you do social media marketing in your business, customer service, or any other communication activity with your customers through Twitter? The microblogging network is testing improvements to enrich the user profile: Professional Profiles.

Twitter has announced the beginning of testing a new type of profile, Professional Profiles. A new tool aimed at business, but also at anyone who uses the social network to work.

Professional Profiles allows you to display specific information about your business directly in the Twitter user profile.

What are Twitter Professional Profiles?

It is true that a company could already show its name and website in the Twitter bio. But the new Professional Profiles expand the amount of information that can be displayed. Now a new section will appear, as shown in the image, called “About” which, in addition to showing the company’s address along with a small map and schedule, will provide two buttons: address to access the location of the business and contact, to establish a direct message through Twitter.

Kayvon Beykpour, product manager at Twitter, reported that ” companies will soon be able to distinguish themselves on Twitter with attributes in their profile, ” although at the moment the tests are limited to the United States. Beykpour noted that there will be more changes and customization options as the implementation of Professional Profiles unfolds.

A Twitter nod to the professional environment

Twitter has been introducing gradual changes to its platform. But the vast majority of them were aimed at users in general. The company moves tab with the intention of playing within the business framework, a segment that was somewhat more neglected and that seemed almost the exclusive preserve of networks such as LinkedIn.

In fact, even other more general social networks such as Facebook already had a different company profile from that of individuals. How will this improvement of Twitter help companies and professionals? It is certainly not a revolution by offering information on the public company and theoretically available to anyone. But it does provide such information quickly and directly.

Twitter has become a commonly used tool for many Internet users and is the first source of information for them when looking for a business, so this new function will help companies to offer relevant data in a more agile way.

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How to use social media well: 6 tips to stand out

Today, communicating on social networks is no longer an option. As a professional, it’s a prerequisite to making yourself known,  advertise, meet your clients and even keep an eye on your competitors … You don’t feel very comfortable on the subject yet? That’s good, we have 6 tips for you to work, improve or help you control your online reputation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will have no more secrets for you!

Having trouble getting off the ground on social media? Do you feel a little lost, even desperate? Wait, don’t give up just yet! In this way, you increase your chances of finding work sites, so we have established, for you, the guide to good social media practices. And here are the 6 tips that will change everything!

How to use Facebook and other social networks well: 6 practical tips

  1. Focus on images

On social networks, images speak 100 times more than words. But be careful, for them to be seen by the greatest number, that is to say as well on a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, they must be the right size. Small recap:

Facebook: 1200 x 630 pixels, and for an optimal display, prefer a 2000 x 1052 pixels format

Twitter: at least 440 x 220 pixels, at most 1024 x 512 pixels

Pinterest: board photo 222 x 150 pixels, pin photo 600 pixels wide

Instagram: Images on Instagram are automatically resized to 612 × 612 pixels

⚠ Be careful, quality is important. Choose beautiful photos, create banners or beautiful visuals with text. To do this, do not hesitate to use the various image banks and tools such as Canva, Recite or Piktochart, to create infographics.

  1. Multiply your chances with video

Besides photos, video is also popular on social networks! It’s a great way to get your community behind the scenes. Make people discover your world, share your advice in the form of tutorials,  for example, tell about your daily life, or share humorous videos. And why not do live on Facebook, Periscope, or record a video, with your smartphone, to broadcast it later on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

⚠ Be careful, in this area, duration is of capital importance. On Facebook or Instagram, avoid too long videos, limit yourself to around 30 seconds. Regarding live videos or for Youtube, you can see a longer one.

  1. Arouse emotion

Emotions are the very essence of social networks. We must react! Quotes, videos, gifs, protests, use all means to make people cry, laugh, alert …

  1. Don’t just talk about yourself

As in real life, people who speak only about themselves tend to tire those around them. And that’s everything you don’t want for your pages. So, from time to time, share the posts of other pages, articles on a subject that may be of interest to your community, talk about the news of your profession, etc.

  1. Interact

In the social networks, there is social and this is the most important. There’s no point in posting if you don’t bring your pages to life. It is imperative that you are in contact with your community. Thus, thank your customers, tag owners, or collaborators and respond to comments, especially if there are negative ones… In short, communicate about yourself and with others, it’s still the best way to advertise yourself.

⚠ Be careful, remember to use the vocabulary and tone appropriate to the community to which you are speaking. We do not speak the same way to a banker as to a construction worker, a student, or a senior. To help you, analyze your stats to find out who your fans are. (see our “pro tip”)

  1. Post at the right time

Now that you know how to make posts that work, the question is when is the perfect time to publish them. Here is what emerges from several studies. Remember that on some social networks you can schedule your posts and that these time slots are only indications.

Facebook: Thursday and Friday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Instagram: 2 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Twitter: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Pinterest: Saturday and Sunday evening

Linkedin: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., at 12 p.m., and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Pro tip: Measure your performance

When using social media to promote yourself and advertise, it is important to measure your efforts. On Facebook and Twitter, you can easily follow the statistics which will let you know the engagement rate or the retweet rate.

Little more: if you have a website linked to google analytics, you can also easily measure the share of traffic generated by social networks on your total traffic and thus, measure your success!

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How to delete a Facebook account, the definitive guide

If you are tired of the social network doing with your personal information “whatever it wants”, or you have simply tired of living in this global neighborhood yard, we will tell you how to delete a Facebook account forever.

Facebook is at the center of an unprecedented storm due to the improper access to data of more than 50 million users by Cambridge Analytica. So much so, that Mark Zuckerberg himself has been summoned to explain to a committee of the British Parliament. And to the European Parliament this data leak. Although the manager does not have the obligation to appear. He is expected to accept this “suggestion” due to the media pressure he is having.

Therefore, if you were wondering whether to permanently delete your Facebook and this has helped you make the final decision, we have prepared an article with all the steps to follow.

Be careful, before starting we already warn you that you are facing a process that is not at all easy, not because of its difficulty, but rather because of the many obstacles and stones in the way that Facebook tries to put you during the process. But do not despair, with our help you will learn how to eliminate Facebook from your life forever.

These types of practices are common in our day today, we have all gone through the trouble of trying to unsubscribe from a telephone operator, change electricity companies or simply return something that we no longer want, so you have social networks They were not going to be less as we could also see when we tried to delete or delete an Instagram account forever, for example.

As with Instagram, Facebook does not make it easy for you to know how to delete a Facebook account. First, it always gives you two options in order to avoid or delay your march as much as possible: delete a Facebook account temporarily or permanently.

Before starting, and whatever your decision, our recommendation is that you make a  copy of your Facebook data on your computer’s hard drive, in this way you make sure you do not lose the photographs, video, friends, or comments that you have published on your wall to date.

How to remove Facebook from our life

Three, two, one … Will you really be able to live without Facebook? If at this point you are still considering it. We recommend that before deleting your Facebook account you better consider the option of deactivating your account indefinitely.

What do you get out of this? Simple, your Facebook information will not be publicly available, not even to your friends, so you will not be able to interact with anyone, you can even stop receiving Facebook emails for the duration of the deactivation. It is a way to eliminate Facebook from your life but with less risk.

What does this mean? Easy, if you regret it, you just have to identify yourself with your usual data, et, voilà, you will come back to life on the social network, because Facebook will have saved all your data waiting for your long-awaited return. Of course, you must live forever knowing that you have been defeated by Mark Zuckerberg, we are sorry.

To deactivate -not delete- your Facebook profile you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Account> Account Settings

Click on the Account menu in the upper right corner of the Facebook page and there click on Account Settings.

  • Deactivate the account

Now, click on General, at the top left of the menu.

  • Among all the options you will have to search, of course, the last one: Deactivate account. Next, you will have to enter your password again and click OK.
  • Between funny and gloomy is the emotional blackmail that Facebook subjects you to on your way to deactivation, after a new verification of your password. A list among which you will find some of the friends you have had contact with will say goodbye to you, they will “ miss you a lot”. Overcome this trance and respond to the reasons why you have made this decision. Get a boost and click Disable. You are not done yet.
  • As international treaties, which require signature and ratification after binding, deactivating your Facebook account is a multistage process. This is the last one. Click on Deactivate now, and your account will be deactivated, although, remember, Facebook will keep your data in case you regret it.

How to delete a Facebook account forever

In this case, there will be no going back, if you are convinced that you do not want to be in the social network of your friend Mark and above all, you do not want him to save and “traffic” with your personal data, you can also leave to not return requesting his permanent erasure. It’s easy but subtly complicated at the same time :

  1. Getting to the link that allows you, not to deactivate. But to know how to delete my Facebook account forever is not easy at all. We have found it well hidden in the  FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  of Facebook. In them, hidden under the “subtle world”: let us know, you will find a precious link to eliminate Facebook permanently.
  2. Once we click on the link, it takes us to the mysterious screen that will allow us to deactivate our profile and delete all data from the social network, forever. Notice first:
  3. And the final notice, in which you will have to solve a curious puzzle. In our case, select all the images in which a waterfall appears and enter, once again, your password:
  4. Still, in fact, you may regret it even if you click OK since Facebook gives you (given) two weeks of leeway to close a Facebook account permanently. Can you resist them?

Social Media: A Blessing or a Curse

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses. On the one hand, they constitute a perfect platform to maintain fluid communication freed from corporate corsets with massive and very diverse audiences. On the other hand, they can become a serious problem and affect the company’s productivity, especially if they become a regular hobby of employees.

But the risk of social networks goes much further as they constitute an ideal platform for the spread of malware.

Social Media is A Blessing or a Curse

And the risk to companies is particularly high if malicious software enters the corporate network due to inappropriate use by any employee from their workplace.

In fact, in a recent study in which more than 15,500 Internet users from 11 different countries participated, we have verified how our behavior on social networks had many possibilities of becoming victims of cybercriminals.

An open the door to cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are intensifying the use of social networks as effective malware spreaders. One of the most popular scams is their massive distribution through links posted on social platforms. A link that supposedly leads us to some scandalous video or of Nowadays finally ends up on some infected page.

Also, the risk of downloading malware is high if we consider that one in five Internet users clicks on these links and does not distinguish if they come from their contacts, from a known site, or are anonymous or suspicious.

And to keep the scam completely unnoticed by even the most cautious Internet users, the links are often so abbreviated and camouflaged by URL shorteners that they are not easily recognizable and offer very few clues as to the inherent danger they entail.

Clicking on these types of links can lead us to infected websites capable of stealing our data, which can be especially serious if we are part of a corporate network and have fatal consequences for any company, or transform us into malware sprinklers directed against our network of friends and contacts without, of course, being aware of it.

What can we do? Follow these tips

  1. The solutions of security that include some form of web filter should be mandatory for any user.

As far as companies are concerned, the most recommended is the use of comprehensive security solutions that comply with each company’s security policies.

  1. Include, in all cases, common security components such as antivirus protection, web filter, firewall, or antispam.
  2. Never click on an unknown link. As we have discussed previously, the consequences can be fatal.
  3. Comprehensive security solutions have to limit USB memory sticks’ unwanted use, the random installation of programs, or the uncontrolled navigation of employees in the workplace.

Among the company’s advantages is its adherence to current legislation, the limitation of points of attack, and, as an added consequence, a notable increase in productivity.

There is danger in social networks, but they have their advantages.

The great truth is that we do not deny the advantages of these social media. Among the advantages of social networks are interacting with your customers and promoting products and services even for free.

There are the Fanpages that are a web page within Facebook. This helps a lot when it comes to marketing on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among other networks, are very good at developing marketing campaigns, especially social marketing.

Something must be taken into account very much, and that is that in social networks, the risk goes much further because they constitute an ideal platform for the spread of malware and the risk for companies is particularly high if malicious software enters the corporate network as a result of the inappropriate use that any employee can make from his / her job.

The surveillance of the personnel who interact with them is recommended because misuse can also damage the business’s good image.

Companies must guide their employees well on this issue. In fact, in a recent study in which more than 15,500 Internet users from 11 different countries participated, it was found that our behavior on these social networks had many possibilities of becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Be very careful with this cybercrime. We must be aware of the danger there is and try not to be another victim of fraud or misuse of our personal information.

Beware Of Cybercriminals On Social Media

These cybercriminals are intensifying the use of means as effective malware propagators and one of the most popular scams is their massive distribution through links published on social platforms, that is to say, on social networks, so that a link that supposedly leads us a scandalous or current video finally ends up on an infected page.

In addition, the risk when downloading malware is really high if we consider that one in five Internet users clicks on these links and does not distinguish if they come from their contacts, from a known site, or are anonymous or suspicious. Hackers are trying to steal your personal information every day and the very varied use they can make with it is well known. One is blackmail or simply damaging your reputation.

Some people make a living from being a hacker. Cybercriminals know very well what they do to make the scam go completely unnoticed, even by the most cautious Internet users.

It is important to know that clicking on these types of links can lead us to infected websites capable of stealing our personal data, which can be especially serious if we are part of a corporate network and have fatal consequences for any company, or transform us into malware sprinklers directed against our network of friends and contacts without, of course, being aware of it.

Know the main media and the characteristics of each

The media always existed in society, but with great improvements throughout history. Today, they are modern, reach many people, and are fundamental marketing tools, that is why it is so important to know what they really are.

So what is the media? This seems to be a simple question, however, a new one arises every day and that is directly connected to the technological advancement of digital transformation and society.

For marketing professionals, knowing each of these media is essential to optimize their strategies, since, in addition to enhancing the options in terms of marketing strategies, it reveals how the public is distributed among the various channels.

Thus, each business can identify in which of them its audience is concentrated. And, precisely for that reason, it is essential to know more about them.

To better understand them, in this article you will find several important points, such as:

  • What are the media;
  • the way they have evolved over the years;
  • which are the most popular;
  • the reasons why they are important;
  • and, how is it possible to use them in your marketing strategy?

What are the media?

Communicating is a human need since the world exists. This is why the media are all channels, instruments, or ways of transmitting the information.

These are so broad that they range from writing and drawing to the communication technologies that we know today.

How has the media evolved?

Today, it is easy to identify which are the most common means of communication:

  • Phone,
  • TV,
  • Radio,
  • and Internet.

However, that has changed over time and it is important to remember that history deals with these media from the most rudimentary copies.

It is worth considering that many of these media were not based on the technological idea, since they were considered as media:

  • the drawings;
  • signs;
  • signs;
  • the beginning of languages.

Following a chronological order, among the best-known media, the sequence of appearance was:

  • cards;
  • radio;
  • phone;
  • TV;
  • Internet.

From them, naturally, with the deployment of technology and digital transformation, several variations emerged.

During the evolution of resources, the integration between technologies was a significant framework that, despite being very natural in modern times, needs to be deeply evaluated.

A good example is the telephone: who would say that it could originate other forms of communication such as video calls, instant messages (such as  WhatsApp ) and still take over a lot of Internet-related channels?

So despite having the same definition, the main difference between all these options is the distance, scope, evolution, and impact they have on society.

What is the importance of the media in society?

If today we manage to understand what the media are, automatically, it is also possible to understand how important they are to society.

This conception acquired real prominence from the moment when technology brought innovations and new ways of undertaking communication. So we can say that its importance lies in that:

  • Today it is easy to establish contact with someone who is in another state or country;
  • the information is also in different channels. This creates unique importance for the media;
  • the different channels provide different languages ​​and ways of making contact with the consumer ;
  • More than informing, the media are also tools of dissemination;
  • for companies, they are a fundamental resource since they manage to show their brand to the public;
  • With the appearance of new communication resources, common advertising underwent many transformations;
  • These channels are becoming more and more fundamental, since they are accessible to everyone, at different levels;
  • From a marketing perspective, it is as if different doors open to welcome campaigns, each demanding a different way of speaking, approaching, and directing actions.

What are the most used means of communication?

Among the different media, some have the preference of the population.

Just as the Internet emerged with the development of technology and advanced considerably among the favorites, TV and radio did not stop having an impact on society. Within different contexts and needs, each of these media meets the demands of the public.

Marketing can be in all media, always with strategies developed to reach the public and the buyer person in the best possible way.

Therefore, the way of taking action is adapted for each of these channels, since this interferes with the efficiency of the campaigns.

It is also important to understand that popular media are the ones that society is used to using.

Next, we will explain a little more about the main channels, what adherence is like and how the population uses these alternatives.


Television was one of the inventions that had the greatest impact on society and is shown as an efficient and complete means of communication, which transmits information, advertising, and entertainment.

For society, having all this in a single medium generated a great impact and transformed television into an extremely attractive medium from the beginning.

Considering some data obtained in the National Survey of Audiovisual Content Consumption in Radio, Television, and Internet in Mexico in 2017, we understand the following:

  • 92% of those interviewed said they had a television in their home;
  • open television channels are watched by 64% of the Mexican population;
  • 56% of Mexicans have a pay television signal.


Radio is one of the oldest means of communication. On its importance, she held a prominent place in the development of society.

According to the survey, in 2017, 38% of the people interviewed declared that they listen to the radio.

Despite not engaging so much for not having images, it plays a fairly important role. This channel also unites information, entertainment, and advertising, but with a different format.

About information, it is limited to specific times of the day, such as in traffic in the morning.

However, the consumption of music on this channel has decreased notably, since it has great competition on streaming platforms and the Internet.


The advancement of the internet is clear and the study offered data that prove that: 43% of the population affirms that it is their preferred means of communication to consume audiovisual content. This is likely to occur due to the breadth of possibilities it offers.

Explaining this is simple, considering that it provides many advantages and comforts, some of these are:

  • the agility of the information;
  • Mobility;
  • wide access to content ;
  • the possibility of consuming any material of personal interest.

Another important issue is the increasingly broad access that is not limited to social classes. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography presented data from the 2017 National Survey on the Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Homes, in which it highlighted that 71.3 million Mexicans have Internet access.

How has technology impacted the changes in the media?

It is impossible to talk about what the media is without considering the fundamental importance of technological evolution.

If the Internet is evolving as a broad channel today, it is due to the way it developed over the years.


This was a factor that also transformed the communication channels and with this, a worldwide connection and union were achieved.

Smart TVs, for example, allow access to applications, providing users with much more than open or closed programming.

Radio is not limited to stereos either, as stations can be tuned over the Internet.

The software streaming has its own channels, usually customized according to the taste of the audience.

Many media have existed for several years, however in each technological advance what we already knew develops in incredible ways.


Perhaps the biggest impact of technology on communication is segmentation. Digital marketing has that possibility as a base, ie, campaigns and actions directed to your target audience.

Even though the Internet is wide and is used by a large number of people, some resources allow limiting the scope of advertising only to an audience of interest, and this segmentation achievement was due to:

  • the growth of the Internet along with the progress of the digital age;
  • marketing automation and other actions;
  • the possibility of increasingly communicating with those who are interested.

Today, companies need to choose very well which means of communication will be used to spread campaigns.

The trend is that the Internet, mainly through social networks, is the most chosen channel for brands to achieve good communication with their public.

Taking this scenario into account, the impact of technology has been fundamental to start a new era in business.

How to use the media in digital marketing strategies?

To have an effective strategy, it is necessary to correctly choose the communication channels. For that, it is essential to consider where your audience is and which of those media it responds to best.

In this perspective, some alternatives tend to perform well. Here are the main ones.

Email marketing

Email marketing remains an excellent means of communication within digital marketing. It is a simple and efficient way of maintaining an adequate relationship with the public through the offer of content.

With a good feed cycle, you can convert leads and visitors into leads. The appropriate language and a good frequency of sending emails contribute to the excellence of the strategy.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn (and some others) are social networks that are well-positioned and considered, and surely, your brand’s audience uses them daily.

It is essential to have a corporate profile to be able to communicate. Besides, being present allows:

  • that your brand promotes products and campaigns;
  • expose the company (be present in the virtual environment);
  • contribute to customer service ;
  • generate more sales.

Thus, the presence in the networks is essential, since they are part of the daily life of society.

Search engines

Digital presence is everything today, especially when it comes to business! It is impossible to do good marketing without highlighting a company on the Internet.

This prominence is possible thanks to the creation and development of a website, the creation of a blog, and the publication of quality content in these media.

In this work, it is essential to consider organic traffic through Google tools and search engine optimization.

In summary

It is not difficult to understand what the media are, however it is necessary to have greater clarity on how they have suffered alterations over time.

This ensures that companies are ready to exploit them in the best way, aiming at fluent communication with their audience. As a consequence,  the correct use of media generates great results!

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