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Successful Film and TV Extras Do These 5 Simple Things

Becoming an extra or walk-on actor in a movie or TV show is a competitive business. Being successful at the job is even tougher.

“Why?” you ask. “Don’t most extras show up on camera for a few seconds at most?”

Types Of Media

A means of communication refers to any method or mechanism through which man expresses himself. And communicates his interests, tastes, concerns, or knowledge.

The 10 worst horror movies since 2000

We have all or more or less experienced a similar disappointment: renting a horror film in order to have a good dose of chills and pick up with a predictable, cliché and so messed up interstellar turnip that it wouldn’t scare a daycare child. Yes, it’s frustrating, but it’s even more frustrating when you see that the film doesn’t even have the excuse of being old or “no budget”. In order to prevent such a situation from happening to you on Halloween night, we present to you the 10 worst horror movies since 2000.

Tips for preparing a digital model for 3D printing

Some 3D files can be transformed into physical models. Therefore, the process of a digital model for 3D printing and a model for digital platforms will be very diverse. Today in Visual4 we tell you in detail what this process consists of.

5 myths of the anime industry

Surely it has happened to you that your friends who are also fans of Japanese animation, one good day come and talk to you about something they have read or heard on the Internet or even worse: that someone who is a friend of another friend who works in the industry or is close to her, he said. Sometimes we believe without hesitation what they tell us and we go through life very happy thinking that what they told us was true. Unfortunately, no matter how well-intentioned our friends had, perhaps their innocence or inexperience has made them believe whatever is said about anime and we too have fallen for that bad information. And is that as Atomix we do not like to be left with doubts. They have put me to investigate the myths that exist in the anime industry and show them as they are.

2D animation: everything you need to know about this traditional technique

Despite the emergence of new technologies, 2D animation continues to be a widely used traditional technique, partly thanks to the magic involved in drawing the pieces that will be animated afterward by hand. This does not mean that 2D animation is carried out without technologies, on the contrary, they have reached two-dimensional animation and have made it better.