How to delete a Facebook account, the definitive guide

delete a Facebook account

How to delete a Facebook account, the definitive guide

If you are tired of the social network doing with your personal information “whatever it wants”, or you have simply tired of living in this global neighborhood yard, we will tell you how to delete a Facebook account forever.

Facebook is at the center of an unprecedented storm due to the improper access to data of more than 50 million users by Cambridge Analytica. So much so, that Mark Zuckerberg himself has been summoned to explain to a committee of the British Parliament. And to the European Parliament this data leak. Although the manager does not have the obligation to appear. He is expected to accept this “suggestion” due to the media pressure he is having.

Therefore, if you were wondering whether to permanently delete your Facebook and this has helped you make the final decision, we have prepared an article with all the steps to follow.

Be careful, before starting we already warn you that you are facing a process that is not at all easy, not because of its difficulty, but rather because of the many obstacles and stones in the way that Facebook tries to put you during the process. But do not despair, with our help you will learn how to eliminate Facebook from your life forever.

These types of practices are common in our day today, we have all gone through the trouble of trying to unsubscribe from a telephone operator, change electricity companies or simply return something that we no longer want, so you have social networks They were not going to be less as we could also see when we tried to delete or delete an Instagram account forever, for example.

As with Instagram, Facebook does not make it easy for you to know how to delete a Facebook account. First, it always gives you two options in order to avoid or delay your march as much as possible: delete a Facebook account temporarily or permanently.

Before starting, and whatever your decision, our recommendation is that you make a  copy of your Facebook data on your computer’s hard drive, in this way you make sure you do not lose the photographs, video, friends, or comments that you have published on your wall to date.

How to remove Facebook from our life

Three, two, one … Will you really be able to live without Facebook? If at this point you are still considering it. We recommend that before deleting your Facebook account you better consider the option of deactivating your account indefinitely.

What do you get out of this? Simple, your Facebook information will not be publicly available, not even to your friends, so you will not be able to interact with anyone, you can even stop receiving Facebook emails for the duration of the deactivation. It is a way to eliminate Facebook from your life but with less risk.

What does this mean? Easy, if you regret it, you just have to identify yourself with your usual data, et, voilà, you will come back to life on the social network, because Facebook will have saved all your data waiting for your long-awaited return. Of course, you must live forever knowing that you have been defeated by Mark Zuckerberg, we are sorry.

To deactivate -not delete- your Facebook profile you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Account> Account Settings

Click on the Account menu in the upper right corner of the Facebook page and there click on Account Settings.

  • Deactivate the account

Now, click on General, at the top left of the menu.

  • Among all the options you will have to search, of course, the last one: Deactivate account. Next, you will have to enter your password again and click OK.
  • Between funny and gloomy is the emotional blackmail that Facebook subjects you to on your way to deactivation, after a new verification of your password. A list among which you will find some of the friends you have had contact with will say goodbye to you, they will “ miss you a lot”. Overcome this trance and respond to the reasons why you have made this decision. Get a boost and click Disable. You are not done yet.
  • As international treaties, which require signature and ratification after binding, deactivating your Facebook account is a multistage process. This is the last one. Click on Deactivate now, and your account will be deactivated, although, remember, Facebook will keep your data in case you regret it.

How to delete a Facebook account forever

In this case, there will be no going back, if you are convinced that you do not want to be in the social network of your friend Mark and above all, you do not want him to save and “traffic” with your personal data, you can also leave to not return requesting his permanent erasure. It’s easy but subtly complicated at the same time :

  1. Getting to the link that allows you, not to deactivate. But to know how to delete my Facebook account forever is not easy at all. We have found it well hidden in the  FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  of Facebook. In them, hidden under the “subtle world”: let us know, you will find a precious link to eliminate Facebook permanently.
  2. Once we click on the link, it takes us to the mysterious screen that will allow us to deactivate our profile and delete all data from the social network, forever. Notice first:
  3. And the final notice, in which you will have to solve a curious puzzle. In our case, select all the images in which a waterfall appears and enter, once again, your password:
  4. Still, in fact, you may regret it even if you click OK since Facebook gives you (given) two weeks of leeway to close a Facebook account permanently. Can you resist them?
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