How to earn money with social media

Social media income

How to earn money with social media

Is it possible to earn money with Social media? In recent years, they have become the first advertising medium, leaving far behind the old television and print media, which have become totally obsolete. You may also like to read how to get sea pickles in minecraft via

When we think about monetizing Social media, the first ones that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and it is not for less because they are the ones that give the most money, however many others are emerging such as Tik Tok or Snapchat.

It does not matter that you have few followers, it does not matter if you are not famous, the important thing is that you are committed to sharing content, giving likes, subscribing to channels, etc. If you want to earn money with Social media, find out which are the best pages.

Earn Money On Social Media

Earn money with social media

Of course, you can, today almost everyone who has access to the Internet has an account in the RRSS, there are people who are dedicated to generating income only with their social accounts, either because they have many followers or have a high degree of influence (influencer).


It is the quintessential Social Network that has a mature audience and is successful in Latin countries, so we have compiled the 5 methods that work to make money on Facebook.


It was born in 2006 and today it is still very successful. Thanks to this Social Network, you find out at the moment what is happening on the other side of the world, it is not surprising that Twitter can also be monetized.


It is very fashionable to earn money on Telegram with Bots and Channels. What stands out most about this app is that the user can join hundreds of channels anonymously and earn money thanks to automatic robots. You can’t let her pass.

Tik Tok

The old musicaly has become a powerful Social network widely used in generation Z and not so Z. There are already people who have become famous for uploading content and have millions of followers, but how do they monetize? TikTok?

Earn Money With Social Networks

Everyone who has Social Networks can generate income with them. No matter what your profession is, no matter your age, you simply have to be willing to share content or take actions in relation to Social accounts, such as:

  • Share photos/content
  • Give likes
  • Become a Fan, follow pages
  • Try products for free and share your opinion on Social media
  • Do all of the above to get followers

These platforms are intended for people who want to earn money with various Social Networks, including those already mentioned. SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitch, Pinterest, VKontakte or Likee stand out.

Get An Audience On Social Networks

When we start in the Internet world and we do it seriously, the first thing we usually look for is an audience, we want to promote our blog, channel, or pages at all costs to get referrals and this is where these platforms become important.

We make the mistake of visiting hundreds of pages a day and dedicating ourselves to spamming everyone who comes our way, believing that in this way we will get what we want so much.

Whether you are just starting out or if you already have experience. I do not recommend that you do it since people will get bored of you. And if you do not have something interesting to offer, your effort will have been in vain.

If you like what you do and you think you can contribute something different, don’t be in a hurry. The audience will arrive little by little. There are platforms that can help you get visits to make yourself known, as well as followers, likes, and earn money, such as Dame fans.

How To Get Free Followers

One of the most popular searches today is how to get many followers. There are two ways to get them:

Free: It is a slower process but you will make sure you have quality followers. Who are really interested in your content or information.

Paying: For around $50-$100 you can buy between 5000 and 10K followers. Who can unfollow you at any time and probably have no interest in your posts? You can also buy bots that interact with your new posts, improving engagement.

Now think, what interests you more? I am one of those who prefer the natural that the people who follow me are because they really want to do it. Because I provide them with valuable and quality information that may be interesting. In this case on how to generate income.

It’s also important to know if your social accounts have a personal or business profile. In this sense, the big brands or the pages that we recommend above prefer personal profiles, users that show their daily lives instead of smaller companies or lesser-known brands since they are less accepted as an advertising medium.

Other Ways To Earn Money On Social Media

As in real life, there may be tricks or scams, although if I’m honest in this field is where there are fewer scams. The example is in this article where I talk about the main scams on the Internet.

The best-known ways to generate income in RRSS, especially on Instagram, is Dropshipping or the sale of products online without the need to have a store or the purchase of advertising to sponsor a profile or a local business.

It is also fashionable to contact local stores and sponsor their products or services in exchange for remuneration or free products. It’s all a matter of imagination and knowing how to take advantage of the potential of our social accounts.


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