The 12 best travel apps that cannot be missing on your mobile

Best travel apps

The 12 best travel apps that cannot be missing on your mobile

Personalized tourist guides, maps, hotels, restaurants, routes, financial services… Yes, we are talking about the multiple options that the increasingly numerous mobile applications can offer us more travelers. Mobile phones have become small laptops that we use every day, and also to organize our trips, choose a destination, hotel, or know in advance the most touristic places to visit.

If some time ago we talked about the apps that you should have on hand on your vacations, today we bring you the 12 travel apps that you cannot miss on your mobile if you want to venture out on these vacations.

Twelve essential apps to get the most out of your vacation

essential travel apps


Sometimes hotel prices, like the ones you can find on Airbnb or Trivago, are out of our budget. In this case, Airbnb is an interesting option, since it allows you to rent apartments or private rooms at an acceptable price. The platform itself is responsible for managing the collection and provides you with the necessary information about the lessor, as well as the opinions of other people.

The success of Airbnb is unquestionable: despite the problems it has had to establish itself in some European cities, this American startup has become the first option for millions of travelers from all over the world to find a suitable (and cheap) place to stay. stay during your vacation.


Sometimes on vacation, it can be difficult to find something interesting to do or visit if you don’t go hand in hand with a tour guide. In response to this, this application shows the different places of interest that are around us, breaking them down into different categories such as restaurants, entertainment, etc. Within the entries of the places, it presents contact information, hours, the specific location, and other information of interest.


This platform is already a classic among travelers looking for accommodation in advance or even that same night since Booking shows the available rooms in the area closest to your location. Up to more than 385,000 hotels around the world, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, with images and all the information available. In addition, its careful application notifies of last-minute offers. A basic option for any self-respecting traveler when planning their stay away from home.


Click&Boat is a platform that positions itself as: “ one of the leading boat rental companies ”. It has 40,000 vessels, distributed throughout more than 450 ports in the world. This application, like Airbnb, works under a collaborative model where owners trust their ships for rent. Therefore, if your idea is to enjoy the sea and the waves, this application will be perfect for you. You will find its APP for both IOS and Android.


This application allows the location and reservation of restaurants, with a catalog of 60,000 restaurants, of which 12,000 are located within Spain. To date, this application has locations in an estimated 12 countries, and in addition to helping locate the perfect place to eat on those vacation trips, it also offers different promotions to its users with opportunities for up to 50% discounts.

Google Maps

This is one of everyone’s favorite applications, and if you don’t use it already, it will surely come in handy for your vacations. This geographic location and Google maps application helps to make traveling by land more enjoyable, offering routes based on time, means of travel, traffic, etc. It also adds information of interest, such as places and restaurants that can make your trip a more complete experience.


One of the best ways to get to know a new place is to see it like a local. So it is possible to find locations and points of interest that may go unnoticed on tours. Starting from this point, GuruWalk is an application that puts travelers in contact with local guides around the world, who offer this type of more specific tour under a format of free tours or guruwalks.


Are you looking for information about the destination? Foursquare, works as a social network. Allows you to find the best places (to eat, drink, visit, buy merchandise, etc), record your visits, and comment on them so that other users can see them.


Another online flight search engine is Kayak. Its application will allow you to compare and book flights, but also hotels and rental cars, just like on Skyscanner.


If you have the soul of a traveler, you should not miss the Minube app. A very complete application to get the best routes, plan your trips and share them with the entire traveler community. All you have to do is choose a destination. And Minube will offer you the opinions and experiences of other people who have already traveled to that place. In addition, you can compare flight and hotel prices from more than 45 websites.


If you are looking for recommendations on restaurants, one travel app you cannot miss is Tripadvisor. On this platform, the travelers themselves value the premises based on their service, type of food, location, or value for money. A good option if what you want is to know the best gastronomic places in your destinations.


If you are the forgetful type of traveler, this app will surely become a must for your trip. Pinpoint is a free application that helps you organize everything you may need to pack to go on a trip and enjoy this experience to the fullest. It achieves this thanks to its algorithm, which helps you organize based on the location, the weather, and the duration of the trip. And the activities planned for it. And it even allows you to share the generated lists with fellow travelers.


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