The eight best technological gifts for less than 50 euros

Best technological gifts

The eight best technological gifts for less than 50 euros

If you have reached our selection of 8 gadgets for less than 50 euros,  it is probably because you are looking for ideas to find original technological gifts at a good price now that dates such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​​​Monday are approaching and, above all, the Christmas season. You may also like to read how to find hidden cydia on iphone via

Of course, there is nothing scientific about the list. So you probably think that there is a missing device or accessory that deserves to enter this list of the best technological gifts for less than 50 euros. If so, we invite you to contribute your knowledge in the comments section. We promise that we will take note of a second edition.

50A (good) USB stick

We all have more than one USB flash drive at home. So it hardly occurs to anyone that it could be a good investment. But it is. The best USB flash drives offer very significant advantages in terms of speed and security: they are much faster when transferring files -if they are USB 3.1- and, in addition, they are made of resistant materials so that they do not break at the first change.

A good example is the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, a small USB memory capable of connecting both via USB and wirelessly to access its content (or transfer files from the mobile). In addition, we can play stored content such as a movie wirelessly on up to 3 devices.

49 A flexible tripod to take original photos

Technological gifts less than 50 euros

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to take truly spectacular photos at night with a smartphone? It’s not easy, but it’s not mission impossible either. Photographers know very well that with a little patience and a good tripod it is possible to achieve spectacular light effects.

That is why we recommend the purchase of a flexible mini tripod with smartphone support. They are very cheap, so small that they are easily stored in any backpack or bag. And if they have flexible legs you can hook them anywhere: from your bike to a tree, a rock, or a railing for exceptional framing.

48 Anti-theft lock to protect your laptop

The  Kensington security connector is a great unknown to the general public. Yes, the strange hole that many laptops have on the side is useful for something: nothing less than to prevent it from being stolen… although for this you need an accessory (the hole only fulfills that function).

A must buy for those who are used to using their computer in public places such as cafeterias, public libraries, or airports: with an anti-theft padlock, you will be able to get up from your place without fear of someone “picking it up” inadvertently if you move away from the table.

47 A multi-port USB charger to avoid the mess

The dictatorship of cables is a real nuisance at home if you have a handful of mobile devices. Cables everywhere and power strips to the brim, something that is neither practical nor efficient at all.

Some say that order is one of intelligence’s best friends. So it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to have a multi-port USB charger at home that will help simplify your life. And beware: it will save you a lot of space on trips.

46 Wireless Keyboard for Smart TV

As televisions have become “smarter” and have added more functions and apps (Youtube, Netflix…). In parallel, it has become increasingly useful to manage them with a wireless keyboard. Something essential if you usually connect to a computer or have an integrated multimedia system.

The constraints of remote controls disappear thanks to the options that keyboards of this type allow, which also incorporate a touchpad to be able to easily manage the cursor in desktop environments such as Windows.

45 Chromecast Audio to resurrect your old speakers

A perfect gift for music lovers since this little gadget connects any speaker -even the oldest ones- to the Internet. So you can listen to your music through Spotify or your favorite podcasts. Simply by sending the audio through your smartphone -compatible with both Android. And iPhone-tablet or Chromebook, Mac, and Windows laptops.

It is a practical, light, discreet, easy-to-use gadget with extraordinary performance as it offers really good sound quality. It includes a multiroom feature that allows you to group speakers so you can send the same song at the same time in different places.

44 A network extender to end the Wi-Fi nightmare

Do you have problems with Wi-Fi at home? Not getting enough signal to a room? Do not worry, it is a fairly common problem that has an easy solution.

A network extender is a device that connects to the electrical network. And acts as a repeater: it collects the signal from the router and retransmits it to expand coverage to areas. Where the connection did not previously reach. There are also PLCs, to take an ethernet connection to another point in the house through the electrical network.

43 – Do you have an old monitor? An HDMI-VGA adapter will do you good

Old monitors, projectors, and even televisions can be given a second life with the help of a little gadget. Specifically, a small HDMI to VGA adapter that can take the video signal from a laptop to one of these old devices that lack an HDMI connection.

If you are interested, you should bear in mind that many of these adapters require power to offer greater stability when transforming video. Which, thanks to the chip they incorporate inside, can offer Full HD and even 4K resolution. Although the monitor to which you connect the adapter must be compatible.

In the same way, you will have to connect the audio output so that the sound is played through the connected screen, not through the laptop speakers.

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