The use of social networks and their economic impact

social networks and their economic impact

The use of social networks and their economic impact

After having been isolated, but not isolated, due to the pandemic. It is very timely to analyze in detail the figures provided by the Digital 2021 Global Overview Report. Published by We Are Social and Hootsuite. In this collection of interesting data, we can even determine what the behavior pattern of social networks user has been as a result of the social isolation of Covid-19.

The advertising industry in our country has undergone radical changes in the law in the last two years; simply on June 3, 2021, the Law for Transparency, Prevention and Combat of Improper Practices. Regarding Advertising Contracting was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. As a result of this, plus the presence of Covid-19, Mexican advertising agencies have been forced to adapt quickly to the digital age. Consequently, 41% of Mexican companies plan to increase their advertising investment in this type of network and platforms, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mexico.

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Thanks to all the information collected with or without our knowledge. But most of the time with our consent, we can compare the value of the digital advertising market in Mexico. Between the years 2020 and 2021 and find that total investment in our country of $ 2.42 billion USD in digital advertising. Distributed respectively in the following channels: $ 684.6 million USD in advertising within search engines (SEM). $ 762.3 million USD in social media advertising, $ 91.4 million USD in advertising banners, $ 374.2 million USD in advertising videos, and $ 106.9 million USD in classifieds.

For this analysis, it is appropriate to add various data in which it can be seen that, of the 129 million inhabitants of our country. The number of mobile devices connected in Mexico is 115.4 million. Which constitutes 89% of the population. We are approximately 92 million people connected to the internet. However, the number of profiles registered as active in social networks oscillates in 100 million. This means that the little cybernetic troglodyte that each of us carries inside has one or more profiles.

Derived from the foregoing, we know that in Mexico what has managed to grow exponentially from one year to the next is the heading of social networks. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. And others of lesser use that would be contributing around 10.5 million new users.

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The usual way of browsing the internet in our country considering that 80.9% of people live in urban areas. Then a tablet, followed by those who use smart televisions to watch content (of which most say they use it to watch Netflix). And finally, there are those who also use video game consoles to access content on the Internet.

Mexicans spend an average of 9 hours a day connecting from any device. And we do it in the following way: 9 hours and 01 minutes connected to the Internet (the statistics in this area grew 49 more minutes compared to 2019). Today we know that we spend 4 hours and 01 minutes watching TV (broadcast or streaming). While social media consumption counters an average of 3 hours and 27 minutes. The numbers tell us that we spend 1 hour and 30 minutes reading news (online or in print). However, as we must also feed the soul, we spend 2 hours and 16 minutes listening to music through streaming services. 58 minutes listening to the radio, 56 minutes listening to podcasts. And 1 hour and 35 minutes a day playing console video games.

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That showed  91.2% of users actively participated in social networks in the last month. 54% of users said they use social networks as part of their work. They also responded preferring YouTube, followed by Facebook, then WhatsApp, then Facebook Messenger, and finally Instagram.

As you well know, dear reader, this dance of extremely interesting figures. And data only reflects that our lives and those of electronic commerce. However, I think the only thing that really happened is that times accelerated. Because we were already on this train that is still moving. And in which, whether we want to or not, we are passengers. Technological evolution and new ways of communicating, interacting, and acquiring goods. And services are here to stay, and I think we still have a lot to see.


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